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Black Soil



The 'prairie' makes sense, but why the 'wild'?

Our story begins in the Canadian subarctic, 60 kilometres north of Churchill, MB. Twenty-seven years ago, Mike and Jeanne Reimer purchased a tiny shack on the coast of the Hudson Bay that would grow to be the world's foremost polar bear tourism and Arctic safari lodge. It was the beginning of a company know as Churchill Wild. 

Over time, they recognized the need for produce that hadn't traveled thousands of kilometres, was picked ripe - not green, and would arrive in good condition. 

Enter Karli and Riley Friesen. Karli, their daughter, married Riley Friesen from Kleefeld. Having spent years as chefs at Mike and Jeanne's lodges, they developed a vision to supply quality, local fruits and vegetables to the lodges and knew that, together, they could make that a reality. 

Plans were made, hours of research conducted, ideas were scrapped, and some were brought to fruition. In 2019, Mike and Riley shook hands across the first apple tree planted on 12 acres of historical Kleefeld farmland. You know us as local gardeners on the prairies, but our origins are far from here. 

Here at home, we are proud to provide our community with wholesome fruit and vegetables. At Mike and Jeanne's lodges, we are proud to showcase Manitoba's best to their international clients.

Churchill Wild, the world's foremost polar bear ecotourism lodges. 

Prairie Wild, distinctly southern acres with uniquely northern roots. 

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