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Vegetable Picking


Prairie Wild is a sustainable orchard and market garden located in southern Manitoba, founded on the principles of small-scale, regenerative agriculture.



We believe in whole system health starting from the soil up. We aspire to work with the microorganisms, pollinators, and creatures that call our workplace home to establish a farming approach that is sustainable and self-healing. We are committed to making growing decisions that benefit our health, and in turn, yours. How are we doing this?

  • Designing no-till raised garden beds and using generous layers of wood mulch to enhance soil health by distributing moisture more evenly and keeping weeds at a minimum.

  • Choosing crops that support each other by adhering to permaculture and crop diversity practices which naturally improves system health and yields.

  • Using fertilizers consisting of local organic compost, fish hydrolysate and seaweed from sustainable sources, that boost our system’s immune response by combatting pests and diseases and eliminating the need for chemical interventions.


The bulk of our harvest remains in our CSA and market program here in southern Manitoba. Approximately 10% of our produce is shipped to Churchill Wild’s ecolodges on the coast of Hudson Bay and consumed by guests from around the world. We are constantly improving the efficiency of our processes and recyclability of our packaging. We use cardboard boxes in place of plastic bags, washable jars instead of tin cans, and reusable totes  for packaging orders—all of which are impeccably sanitized.

Along with our southern orchard and garden, we are working to develop agriculture on site at Churchill Wild’s lodges. Though growing in the subarctic is a challenge, to date, we’ve had success with herbs, tomatoes and rhubarb. We are northern harvesters at heart and what we grow in our greenhouses compliments the bushels of wild blueberries, cloudberries and cranberries handpicked on the tundra each year.

We strive to embody sustainability in its truest form and our practices reflect that:

  • Heat sink water barrels absorb daytime heat to be released into the greenhouses at night, reducing the need for electric heat

  • Any lost produce gets tilled back in, composting and feeding the system

  • Reusable exclusion netting keeps pests off plants and eliminates the need for any sprays, organic or otherwise

Cherry tree.jpg


According to National Geographic, 75% of the world’s food is comprised of just 17 species—12 plant and five animal—which is the result of large-scale agriculture. Small-scale farming has been proven to boost overall biodiversity, an outcome we’re eager to support with our family-run operation.

We also believe that everyone should have access to high quality, organic produce and our prices reflect that principle. We have put aside a significant part of our harvest to sell to local grocers and through CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscriptions. Though our produce will make many adventures north, we remain grounded in our southern roots.
We are committed to establishing relationships with local community food support organizations, extending the health benefits of organic produce to those in our communities who may not otherwise have the opportunity.
We are proud to be a small business with the ability to create jobs and volunteer opportunities and are grateful for our community’s support!

Wherever your travels take you, grow well!

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